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Series Balkans Pilots Project

Series Balkans is a french law , non profit cultural organisation (association 1901), founded in may 2017, in Châtenay-Malabry (Paris area).

Series Balkans is aiming to be a network, a platform, federating individuals and public or private institutions, originated from Balkans, France, Europe and the world, such as national cinematography agencies, movie theatres, festivals, forums, professional movie & tv unions, research centers, experts, consultants, creators and insetors  interested by tv web new media series in the Balkans.

Series Balkans intends to promote, to develop, to support, all over the Balkans, Europe, France and the world, all forms of creation, conception, production and research related to tv, web mobile and new short formats tv series production made in, originated or produced in the 12 balkan countries (Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Turkey)

Series Balkans runs 5 projects : a Festival (Series Balkans Pilots Screenings), an Academy (Series Balkans Pilots Academy), a Forum-Market (Series Balkans Pilots Forum-Market), a Studio (Séries Balkans Pilots Studio) a Video on demand Platform (Series Balkans Pilots Platform)

Series Balkans will launch, during 2018, in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the 1st Series Balkans Pilots Academy, a mobile  school-studio-center providing to 12 high-profile selected students, originated from the Balkans, a three months teaching and training courses program of writing, showrunning, directing, producing and marketing tv & web series pilots. Every three months, in a different balkan country and city, high skilled tv series showrunners, screenwriters, writers, directors and producers coming from USA, Europe and Balkans will teach, supervise and support the 12 students pilot productions (3 pilots to be produced per session).

Also, during 2018, Series Balkans is going to launch, in France, in Europe and the Balkans numerous public artistic actions and events such as screening days, workshops, meetings and scholar round-tables focused on tv series and cultures of the Balkans in partnership with national festivalsinstitutions, and professional unions.


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